Shaken, Not Stirred: Innovating the Art of Cocktails with Liquor Lab

Imagine walking into a classroom, but instead of textbooks and whiteboards, it’s stocked with shakers, strainers, and an array of spirits that would make even the most seasoned bartender’s heart skip a beat. That’s Liquor Lab for you—a place where the cocktail is king, and everyone gets to wear the crown. 

Whether you’re a novice or a connoisseur, the Lab’s doors are open, inviting you to explore the craft behind the craft cocktail.

Liquor Lab is an innovative cocktail experience that transforms the traditional approach to cocktail making into an interactive and educational experience. Based in bustling cities like Nashville and Louisville, Liquor Lab offers a unique venue where enthusiasts can learn the art and science behind their favorite drinks in a hands-on environment.

Jeff, the maestro behind Liquor Lab,  forged this idea from necessity during the  the COVID-19 pandemic. 

When bars were bending under lockdowns, Liquor Lab found a way to bring the bar to the people. From both their locations, they began shipping cocktail kits right to doorsteps, transforming living rooms into speakeasies. Who knew a pandemic pivot could lead to thousands discovering their inner bartender?

But it’s not just about mixing drinks; it’s about demystifying the process. Jeff and his team break down barriers, making craft cocktails accessible.

 No longer do you need to puzzle over what an Amaro is or how to pronounce ‘Cynar.’ You’re not just handed a cocktail; you’re handed the knowledge to craft it yourself, understanding the why behind the what. It’s like pulling back the curtain on a magic trick, but the magic is all in your hands.

In essence, Liquor Lab embodies the spirit of innovation and community in the world of cocktails. It’s a place where anyone can learn to craft a perfect drink and discover the stories behind the spirits they pour. 

So, whether you’re a whiskey enthusiast or a cocktail aficionado, we invite you to join us on our Cocktails with Friends podcast, where we share insider tips, secret recipes, and engaging conversations with fellow enthusiasts of fine food and drink. Cheers!