Old Fashioned Week at Novio’s Bistro

We are thrilled to announce the return of our fourth annual Old Fashioned Week celebration. This iconic event, a cherished tradition, will again grace bars and restaurants nationwide. Whether you’re a purist who cherishes the classic rendition or an adventurous soul eager to explore contemporary twists on this beloved cocktail, Old Fashioned Week at Novio’s promises unique cocktails and experiences, and as we raise our glasses, we also raise funds for a noble cause.

For every Old Fashioned sold during this week, $1 will support our fellow bar and restaurant workers in their need. It’s a sip for a cause, and every sip counts.

Our partnership with the Southern Smoke Foundation this week is a testament to our commitment to the food and beverage community. This foundation has been a beacon of hope for countless workers in our industry, offering emergency relief funding and invaluable access to mental health services. Their mental health initiative, “Behind You,” stands as a pillar of support, offering cost-free counseling to our peers in the food and beverage sector across several states.

Old Fashioned Week Holds a Special Place at Novio’s

At Novio’s, we describe ourselves as a small bistro with a big whiskey problem. But this “problem” has transformed us into a sought-after whiskey haven. Our shelves hold over 130 distinctive whiskey bottles, from the smoky notes of scotch to the rich warmth of bourbon and rye. Given our extensive whiskey collection and the lively Old Fashioned competition between Bob and Courtney, it’s no surprise that the Old Fashioned cocktail feels right at home here.

Featured Old Fashioneds

This Old Fashioned Week, we’re elevating the experience with two original creations:

The Macallan – A Night on Earth in Scotland

Nose: Vanilla, Almond, Baked Apple

Palate: Shortbread, Vanilla, Fig & Orange

Finish: Medium, with hints of Butterscotch & Fresh Baked Bread

The Macallan – Harmony Collection Inspired by Intense Arabica

Nose: Tiramisu, Cappuccino, Gingerbread

Palate: Espresso, Dark Chocolate, Raisins

Finish: Long-lasting with Dark Roast Coffee, striking a Balanced & Sweet note

Celebrating Culinary Excellence

From the zest of Negroni Week to the succulence of Lobster Week and the timeless charm of Old Fashioned Week, we invite you to join us in celebrating good food and drink as we continue to curate custom menus for these events. 

So, whether you’re a whiskey enthusiast or a cocktail aficionado, we invite you to join us on our Cocktails with Friends podcast, where we share insider tips, secret recipes, and engaging conversations with fellow enthusiasts of fine food and drink.