A Whiskey-Fueled Fiesta: Elevating Cinco de Mayo with Modern Flair

When Cinco de Mayo rolls around, our thoughts drift to vibrant fiestas and, of course, tequila flowing freely.

Being the proud proprietors of a bistro renowned for its gourmet cuisine and extraordinary cocktails, we saw a chance to bestow upon our loyal patrons an exceptional experience. Among our distinctive offerings, our regular specialty dinners stand out, constantly evolving to captivate our guests.

This year, we aimed to inject the festivities with a touch of elegance by casting a spotlight on a lesser-explored spirit: whiskey.

Determined to create a modern Cinco de Mayo celebration, we carefully curated a menu that seamlessly blended the vibrant flavors of Mexican cuisine with the deep complexity of whiskey, resulting in a culinary adventure like no other.

Let the Flavor Exploration Begin:

Our whiskey-infused fiesta commenced with a classic trio of chips, salsa, and everyone’s favorite dip, guacamole. This timeless combination was a perfect introduction, setting the stage for our evening. And to add a thrilling twist to the festivities, we crafted the Outryder Cocktail and Spicy Whiskey Rita, seamlessly melding the boldness of whiskey with the vibrant essence of a margarita.

A Culinary Journey:

The journey unfolded with the alluring aroma of Chicken Tortilla Soup. With each spoonful, the tender chicken, aromatic spices, and savory broth created a symphony of comforting flavors. To elevate this dish further, we selected Wyoming Whiskey as the perfect companion. Savoring every sip, the whiskey’s depth and richness revealed themselves, while a gentle hint of rye spice added a delightful contrast. It was a pairing that captivated our taste buds with each and every bite.

Next, we ventured into the realm of the Blackened Cod & Elotes. Prepared with finesse by our skilled Chef Geoff Lewis, the expertly blackened cod showcased his culinary prowess, while the accompanying elotes added bursts of vibrant flavors. This unassuming combination embodied our commitment to innovative cuisine, leaving a lasting impression on our guests.

Perfect Pairings:

In the spotlight, our Birria Short Rib Tacos stole the show as a true masterpiece of our whiskey-focused celebration. The succulent short ribs, braised to perfection and nestled within warm tortillas, exemplified our culinary artistry. To find the perfect complement, we turned to the Wyoming Whiskey Barrel Strength, Barrel #9735.

This exceptional whiskey, with its robust character and distinctive flavor profile, harmonized effortlessly with the flavorful meat. Its deep caramelized notes, intertwined with the rich adobo-flavored beef, create a harmonious balance for the taste buds.

A Sweet Culmination:

While our Cinco de Mayo celebration may have deviated from the tequila tradition, we couldn’t resist including a twist on a classic favorite: the Corn Churro. Offering a golden crunch and delicate sweetness, it found its ideal companion in our Double Cask Old Fashioned. Infused with brown sugar and fig, this cocktail was a masterpiece in itself, blending the warmth of whiskey with nuanced sweetness and aromatic notes of fig.

At our bistro, we take great joy in pushing boundaries and crafting extraordinary experiences for our guests. Our whiskey-infused Cinco de Mayo celebration was a testament to our unwavering passion for flavor exploration and culinary artistry.

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