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The Menu

 We are offering table service by reservation Tuesday thru Saturday night.  Guests sitting at the bar have an option of ordering the full four course offering or A la carte.  

Four Course Dinner $65

Add wine pairing for $30


Yellow Curry Soup | Fingerling potatoes, pickled carrot, roasted oyster mushroom & spinach puree  (VG) (GF)

Glazed Pork Belly | Jasmine rice, pickled green onion & sesame aioli (GF) (DF)

Cream of Asparagus | Crab, bacon, Gerbino olive oil & pickled asparagus (GF)  

Meatball | House meatball served with red sauce, chive & shaved parmesan (GF)


Warm Salad | Broccolini, pickled shallot, sliced olives & slivered almonds (GF) (V)

German Potato | Red potato, caper, pickled mustard seed, parsley & thyme aioli (DF) (GF) (V)


Ragu | Venison rags served over pappardelle, sun-dried tomato & shaved parmesan

Bistro Steak | Filet mignon served with potatoes provencal gratin, crispy carrot sponge & peppercorn demi-glace (GF)

Scallop | Seared scallops served with leek & mushroom risotto with parsley oil

Yellow Lentil Dal | Roasted sweet potato & cauliflower served with coconut rice (GF)  (VG)


Lemon Tart | Rosemary shortbread filled with lemon curd, served with Pasubio blueberry sauce & torched rosemary meringue (V)

Oat Pudding | Infused oak milk topped with molasses barley crumble & pomegranate sauce (VG)

Ice Cream | Dark chocolate & blood orange with basil & orange crumble with blood orange sauce (GF) (V)


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