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The Menu

The Bistro will be reopening our dining room on February 4th to our guests.  We will be offering table service by reservation on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights.  We will expand our days of service as appropriate.   

Four Course French Dinner $55

Add wine pairing for $30


Tangerine Sweet Potatoes | Roasted sweet potato, tangerine, Campari agave, chopped almond & thyme (GF) (VG)

Stuffed Cabbage | Ground pork, veal mirepoix, braised in white wine & served with a traditional espagnole sauce

Marinated Calamari  | Tender squid, marinated and pan fried with herbs & chilis, served over arugula with citrus vinaigrette.  (GF)

Carrot Purée | Soy sauce infused carrots, potatoes, sour cream & chive (GF) (V)


Potato & Pear | Roasted potato, sliced pear, shaved onion with a housemaid black pepper vinaigrette (GF) (VG)

Winter Greens |  Spicy greens, pistachios, pecorino cheese, bell pepper vinaigrette, winter squash & compressed apples (V) (GF)


Mushroom Bourguignon | Red wine brown sauce, shiitake, crimini, spaghetti squash & fried mushroom chips (VG) (GF)
— pairs well with 

Lamb | Herb roasted rack of lamb served with potato & carrot purees with roasted vegetables — pairs well with 

Lobster Risotto | Arborio rice, slow cooked in a tomato & fennel broth served with butter poached Maine lobster, potatoes, tarragon, mustard greens & gruyere crisp (GF)
— pairs well with 

Full Game Hen | Traditional French curried game hen served with saffron & mango rice, chili cured lardons & roasted tomatoes (GF) — pairs well with 


Bread Pudding | Traditional French Pain Perdu, sweet plantains, rum, hazelnuts (V)

Creme Brûlée | Blueberry (GF) (V)

“Paris Brest”| Choux pastry, stuffed with praline butter cream, topped with glazed apricots & macadamia nuts (V)

Ice Cream | Housemade coffee ice cream served with a banana sauce and a waffle cone dipped in chocolate & banana cumbles (V)

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